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  • Magic Liner is a GLUE, LATEX and MAGNET FREE lash adhesive system! Simply apply two coats of black or clear eyeliner, press on your lashes and go!!!! Works with our MEELASH lashes or your other favorites!
  • Your new favorite lashes! MEE❤️LASH is a lightweight, multiple wear (up to 30 uses with proper use and care) and cruelty free synthetic lash with 6 beautiful styles to choose from...or take all 6! No magnets...just feathery light goodness! P❤️werful - A wispy long lash that is light as a feather, but gives a medium fullness. Gr❤️teful - A fuller, dense lash with medium length. Resembles light volume lash extensions and feels like air! S❤️ccessful - More dense at the base and becomes a wispy medium length lash. M❤️gical - Our most natural wispy lash is a short to medium length and medium density. Perfect for those wanting a more natural look! Th❤️nkful - A light density medium length lash that looks absolutely supernatural! J❤️yful - The perfect both length and density. Creates a beautiful cat eye effect with shorter lashes in front and longer at end. Can be used with our MAGIC LINER in Black or Clear...or your favorite lash glue!


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