Your new favorite lashes! MEE❤️LASH is a lightweight, multiple wear (up to 30 uses with proper use and care) and cruelty free synthetic lash with 6 beautiful styles to choose from…or take all 6! No magnets…just feathery light goodness! P❤️werful – A wispy long lash that is light as a feather, but gives a medium fullness.

Gr❤️teful – A fuller, dense lash with medium length. Resembles light volume lash extensions and feels like air!

S❤️ccessful – More dense at the base and becomes a wispy medium length lash.

M❤️gical – Our most natural wispy lash is a short to medium length and medium density. Perfect for those wanting a more natural look!

Th❤️nkful – A light density medium length lash that looks absolutely supernatural!

J❤️yful – The perfect medium…in both length and density. Creates a beautiful cat eye effect with shorter lashes in front and longer at end.

Can be used with our MAGIC LINER in Black or Clear…or your favorite lash glue!